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to ed lavandera who not only worked and covered that oil spill for days, but also who is covering this aftermath and this remarkable settlement in this story. that's coming up in just a moment. >>> in the meantime, you have been hearing a lot about the fiscal cliff. we've been doing this countdown. we're at 47 days still the fiscal cliff shows up. most of what we hear about the fiscal cliff is panic and alarm and tax hikes and spending cuts and all of this is set to kick off at the beginning of the year. face the dire consequences or else. get your parachute. guess what, there's somebody who knows a thing or two about money who doesn't seem to be anywhere near as worried as those other people who are telling us we're about to plummet. it's billionaire warren buffett. he says as long as president obama holds firm on the wealthiest americans paying more taxes, we can just go on right over that fiscal cliff and we will not dive back into recession. how do i know this? because poppy harlow knows this. she sat down for the exclusive interview. you have the greatest access to warren. ev
. devastating the environment there. tourism costing many people their jobs, as well. cnn's ed lavandera saw the devastation firsthand when he covered the story. ed, as, of course, we wait eric holder's arrival, i'll let you proceed and may have to interrupt you as soon as he is to enter the room. so, what kind of reaction is there from this $4 billion planned settlement? >> reporter: well, i think a lot of people in the gulf coast region trying to figure out what all of this means and the money will be parcelled out. >> all right. sorry about that, ed. you have to hold that thought there. here's u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> i'm honored to join with associate attorney general tony west, assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the justice department lanny brewer, director robert casami of the security and exchange division, john beretta, head of the de deepwater horizon and achieving justice for those whose lives and livelihoods were impacted by the largest environmental disaster in the history of the united states. and to hold accountable -- hold accountable those wh
petraeus. ed lavandera is "outfront" investigating the messages and i know that is really the holy grail right now. what have you learned about those e-mails? >> reporter: well, first of all, no one has seen the specific contents of these e-mails. they had been described by the defense department official as troubling, something they needed to look into it. obviously that has spurned leon panetta to look into it. we spoke with a source close to kelley who went on to say there wasn't any kind of a sexual relationship between these two, but did not say they were completely innocent, either and they say they wouldn't try to dissuade anyone that there might have been some flirtatious nature and depending on your point of view, you might find them inappropriate or not. but as i mentioned, no one has seen the specific contents of these e-mails just yet. >> obviously, so much as you say may depend. i know you've talked to people familiar with that relationship, but so much will depend on the wording and what was in there. we hear descriptions of jill kelley. rich socialite, socialite, lavish li
. and our ed lavandera is in tampa tonight, outside the air force base where kelley is said to be a volunteer and where allen and petraeus were both stationed. ed, what have you learned about jill kelley and what she does? >> reporter: well, it's a confusing picture, as you were alluding to off the top, erin, and trying to piece together jill kelley's role in all of this. we learned from sources today it was a conversation she had with an fbi friend that spurred a lot of these investigations when she was talking about these e-mails she had been receiving and then the fbi investigator took over from there. but jill kelley, we know spent the last six months or so volunteering with the national council for international visitors. and over the course of several years here in the tampa area, hosted various events at her home. we're in front of the house here where we have seen her coming and going throughout the day today. but she has not spoken with reporters. but she had been hosting these events, had been very involved with these high-level dignitaries and officials that had c
. ed lavandera, cnn, gulfport, mississippi. >> sad story. >>> cnn "newsroom" continues with don lemon. hi, don. >> thank you very much. i'm don relon live from new york this afternoon. developing right now in syria, damascus international airport shut down. flights in and out are canceled. fierce fighting closed off the main road to the airport. these clashes happening as the country's internet goes dark and cell phone communication drops out. it's harder to post videos like this one. reportedly showing shelling in aleppo uploaded earlier today. in the past, the syrian government cut off access in an operation. but this is unprecedented. the military jet and two helicopters were shot down by rebels. now, takeovers at military bases given them a new arsenal of heavy weaponry. in this attack, they used rockets and as cnn's arwa damon reports, the rebels claiming this as a major victory. >> reporter: children on the back of a tractor made off with a sizable tangled lump of metal. what was all too often the cause of nightmares now a trophy of war. proudly shown off by this man. we want to
in colorado have spoken legalizing marijuana for recreational use by a ten-point margin. as cnn's ed lavandera reports, it might not be that easy. >> reporter: it's the kind of story that makes headline writers salivate. >> i can only imagine, you know, what jay leno and company are going to be saying over the next week or two, right? there will be lots of jokes. i'm sure there will be plenty of snack foods discussed. >> reporter: after colorado voters approved of legalizing marijuana, the state's governor mayor hickenlooper could only warn those not to bring out the cheetos yet. no one knows what will happen next. >> it's hard to imagine the chaos that would result if state-by-state you had one state legalizing it and one state not. >> reporter: but that's exactly what's happening. 17 states have already legalized marijuana for medicinal use. and colorado and washington state are the first to approve selling the drug like alcohol. the vote has put these states on a collision course with the federal government, which still says possessing marijuana is a crime. >> it simply can't go on the way
marquez is in las vegas, nevada. ed lavandera is in denver, colorado, for us this morning. john zarrella comes to us live from plantation, florida. we want to begin with complete comprehensive coverage with john berman checking in to see how our correspondents are faring. >> thanks, soledad. the candidates are all over the place today. president obama and mitt romney hold atriallies in seven states today. a final frenetic day of campaigning across the battleground. for the president, he begins in wisconsin, a state that has voted true blue since 1984 but it is almost always close. and with paul ryan a native wisconsin son on the republican ticket, the obama team is taking no chances. they've called in the cavalry to help, including the boss, bruce springsteen to seal the deal. dan lothian is live in madison, wisconsin. good morning, dan. >> good morning, and you're right, bruce springsteen will be warming up the crowd here with a 30-minute concert before the president comes out. the campaign has been using these big names not only to draw in big audiences, but also to energize them. i ca
it will happen. >> reporter: like any good race, it's coming down to the wire. >> ed lavandera, i have a feeling people are looking for their moments of political peace. with that, here you are in denver and while i have you, just so we can look at the map. you have denver. this is where most of the democratic voters are. colorado springs to the south. republican. from what i gather here, as you point out, the battle of the battleground, in between denver and colorado springs, on the other sides of denver, two key count tins. jefferson county and arapacho county. is that right? >> reporter: that is right. as i mentioned, equal parts of republican, and independent swing voters. that's why you've seen all these different campaigns spend more than $60 million so far since april in political advertising around here to try to influence those swing voters. brooke, over the last several days at this point it's not so much about switching over undecideds or get their vote, right now the main focus is on turning out the vote. so far 1.1 million people have voted early here in colorado out of 3.6 million
. the latest cnn/orc poll has the president on top 50% to 48%. ed lavandera is on the ground in denver. hey, ed. >> hey, good morning, john. we talk to a lot of people in colorado, and they -- a lot of people out here think as things start to play out on the east coast in states like florida, virginia, and ohio, depending on how things shake out there, that colorado and its nine electoral votes could be a state that plays a significant role in the outcome of this presidential election. as you mentioned, this race very close here. a lot of the candidates, and both campaigns at this point focusing on turning out the vote in these key swing counties that surround the city of denver. that's where they find the majority of the swing voters and many political analysts here in the state say those are the voters that will in the end determine this election. where it all boils down to the economy and the question of whether or not this turnaround in the economy is improving faster than -- as it should be, in fact, when you look at unemployment rates here in the state of colorado, back in january of 2009
for president obama back in 2008 after helping george w. bush win the white house in 2004. cnn's ed lavandera joins us from denver. ed, ballots are already being counted right now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, they haven't been officially tabulated. that can't be done until 7:00 mountain time tomorrow night. but across the state, people are continuing to bring in ballots. colorado, very unique. you can request your ballot through the mail and then literally, it's drive-through voting. you can drop off your ballot. so far, 1.7 million votes have been cast here in the state of colorado. we spent the afternoon in nearby jefferson county. which is where the great deal of the focus will be here in the state of colorado as the two suburban counties surrounding denver, jefferson on the west and arapahoe county on the east. these are unique counties because they are divided up equally between republicans, democrats and independent swing voters. in jefferson county where we were today, 219,000 votes have already been cast. the republicans have a slight edge in turnout so far. but this is a
? >> really a toss-up there. ed lavandera in lakewood, colorado, thanks, ed. soledad? >>> let's get to jeb hensasm rling, up for re-election himself tonight. in your state, the state of texas -- >> good morning. >> thank you. good morning to you. here is the poll from likely texas voters. governor romney is way ahead there, 55%, president obama at 39% in that polling. let's focus a little bit more on congress. how do you see the balance of power going? if you look at -- >> i'll go out on a limb and -- >> go ahead, sir. >> i was just going to say, i was going to go out on a limb and predict that governor romney will take texas. >> you know, i felt confident that you were going to go out on that very limb and predict that very thing. let's say, in all seriousness that, in fact, the chambers are split and you basically have what we have now. regardless of who wins, how do you navigate that so that we don't have a stalemate like we saw so much over the last years? >> well, again, today is obviously -- i know it's somewhat cliche, but today is the only poll that counts. we're going to have to f
tortured and killed along the northern gulf coast. ed lavandera reports on the search now for those responsible. >> reporter: to reach the crime scenes, you need to catch a ride and take a guide. this island we see off to the left is deer island where you found two of them? >> that's correct. >> reporter: a harrison county, mississippi, sheriff's helicopter and the lead biologist of the institute for marine mammal studies took us to the sight where the murdered dolphins have emerged along the mississippi gulf coast. how many dolphins turned up killed so far? >> about six or seven. we know that at least three or four of them were killed with bullets and that the other ones have been mutilated. some with their tails cut off, jaws cut off or a screwdriver in them. >> reporter: the doctor performed the necropcies. what does that tell you? >> i think it's a sick ritual of some sort. >> reporter: someone kind of getting a thrill out of doing this? >> i can't see any reason than kind of a horrific act to do something like that. i don't know. >> reporter: the pictures of the mutilated dolph
including guilty pleas. here's cnn's ed lavandera on what else is in the settlement. >> there are criminal charges that have been, the company has pled guilty to, as well as three employees that now face criminal charges, including manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter, as well as withholding information from investigators. and there's also one of the things that bp will also have to do is deal with these officers that have to be put in to deal with process and ethic issues. under probation for five years. a lot of their exploration and the way they do business, according to this justice department settlement will be under heavy scrutiny for several more years. >> all this on top of $20 billion that bp is paying into settlement fund for damage claims. >>> the postal service has its own money troubles. a record loss of nearly $16 billion for the past year. the postal service blames the loss on a requirement that it prefund retiree health benefits. these losses were triple the amount from a year ago. >>> and a shortage of gas used to inflate giant parade balloons has this year's houston
mississippi. >> ed lavandera, let's hope they catch them. who would want to hurt innocent dolphins? i'm don lemon at cnn headquarters. i should say at the time warner center in new york. that is it for me in the meantime. i'm going to send it over to "the situation room" in washington, d.c. and my friend, wolf blitzer. wolf, take it away. >>> don, thanks very much. happening now, hard words as president obama and congressional republicans accuse each other of pushing the country closer and closer to the so-called fiscal cliff. we're also getting new details right now about what happened today when mitt romney had lunch with president obama over at the white house. and in the middle east, joy and flag waving because of an impending decision at the united nations. i'll ask israel's ambassador to the united states why he thinks -- why his country thinks the u.n.'s possibly interaction is a bad idea. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we begin with today's hard words in the negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. that steep across the board spending cut and
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)